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We democratize the access to education, training, and research in different fields

We create unlimited opportunities for all people around the world so they can contribute to make a sustainable socioeconomic development and positive impact in the planet.

We deliver unlimited education through:

  • Regulate education with innovative and learning by doing methodology
  • Alternative courses in different fields to grown personally and professionally
  • Research studies to bring innovative solutions to the existing problems

We dream to create a better world with peace, prosperity, inclusion, and positivity through unlimited access to education, training and research which provides equal opportunities for all.

We support people to develop their skills, lead their own life, and create a positive impact in the world.

We bring education, training, and research together with different institutions of our Group.

  • UED School
    We provide regulate education based in practical and innovative methodologies for children from preschool to higher school.
  • UED University
    We associate with different Universities in Europe and UK to offer bachelor’s degrees and masters in several fields with a learning by doing methodology.
  • Aina Institute
    The UED institute for social and education sciences provides postgraduate studies and courses in association with University of Barcelona.
  • UED Academy
    We offer alternative courses and professional trainings to grow personally and professionally.
  • UED Research Institute
    The institute for Research and Innovation which offers a research platform, team, and resources as well as doctorate studies.
  • UED For All
    Equality is our commitment, so our education is inclusive and accessible for everyone. We offer free education for all people around the world.




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Governing Council

Kailash Neupane

Founder and President

Aina Barca

Vice President

Dr. Joseph Alsina


Dr Francesc Barca


Victor Gonzalez


Ramón Duch


Team UED

Regina González

Head of administration and Coordinator of Aina Institute

Soloman Rai

Developer and Project Coordinator

Balma Heras

Program Manager

Gisela Enrich

Program Manager

Andrea Lizama

Research coordinator

Miriam Garcia

Coordinator of Language and culture School


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